Black is the new black.

Black is a beautiful shade. It’s flattering to wear, can be used with any style, is sexy and draws shapes to perfection. According to Karen Van Godstenhoven, MoMu curator at the Fashion Museum in Antwerp, “Black is the color of chic modernity, sobriety,  intellectualism, mourning, and sensuality.” Ms. Godstenhoven said it, you can wear black … Continue reading

key 6

Key Decor

Keys are an awesome way to add style to your home. I personally remember my grandmothers key decor, she had one wall completely covered in keys of all shapes, sizes, and age. The collage of keys, was striking to her guests and the collection was always admired. It was also a great conversation starter! Below … Continue reading

Exploring Wallpaper Pattern

Hi, all! It’s me, Mari! I’m so happy to be here with you at Haley Tice Fashion & Design with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a fabulous place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from cool modern pendant lighting to colorful wall art. Today, we’re going to … Continue reading

Hanging your artwork : Art Grid

Do you have a blank wall that needs a little extra love? Have you ever considered activating that blank space with an art grid? Easily determine how you want to hang your pieces by laying them out on the floor. Visualizing how each piece looks next to each other will allow you to arrange the … Continue reading

Pattern Power – Inspiration

Patterns. Patterns. Patterns. Patterns are fun, beautiful, bizarre, and so many things that words cannot describe. Patterns are in paintings, textiles, decor, and even nature. Patterns influence fashion and can spice up an outfit. Patterns inspire me and bend my mind. Take a look at some very inspirational patterns in the gallery below. Allow the … Continue reading

Music, music to my ears.

I haven’t posted in a while due to being extremely busy! So, I wanted to show a little inspiration. This is what I’ve been watching after my long hours of designing and editing: Grimes – Genesis Seriously fun and re-energizing!

Fashion Illustration - 1

Illustrations, yeah!

Featuring two illustrations, depicting my personal ready to wear style!


Blogger love, love, love!

  This is for all you amazing bloggers out there! Keep up the good work! You are inspiring and showing the world your amazing perspective! Much, much, love! xoxo.

Punk in Pink

The set Punk in Pink is casual and fun. Match different shades of pink and toss in fun accessories like a black skull bag or a studded iPhone cover. Finish the outfit with classic black converse shoes, giving it that special “punk” feel. Punk in Pink by hal3y05 featuring stila eyeshadow

Valentine’s Style

Valentine’s is approaching quicker than you may realize and whether your’re dining with a date or friends, you will want to look oh so lovely. Contrast a black and white outfit, like shown below, with bright red accents. You can accent with anything from accessories to outerwear. Wear your hair softly in a bun and … Continue reading


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