Haley Tice

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Thank you for taking the time to check out my portfolio!
I am a seasoned graphic designer who has been in the field for well over a decade. I Graduated with honors from SUNY Oneonta in 2012 and I have since obtained in-house design roles at marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, non-profits, and freelance. My experience expands to both the digital and print realms with a focus on digital projects.
I spend my free time exploring digital illustration and studying light. This has expanded my eye for all aspects of design and I am amazed at how I continue to grow as a designer. I am proud to say that no matter how talented I feel that I am, I am always learning.
When I don't have the Ipad and Apple Pencil in my hand, you can find me snowboarding in the winter or on a hike in the summer. There is nothing as refreshing as spending some time outdoors! (Hardy agrees. 🐾) 
If you have any job-related inquiries, please reach out via the contact form. 
Talk soon! 
Thanks for your message!
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