Haley Tice is a versatile graphic designer and illustrator, seamlessly blending the digital and print realms in her creative endeavors. Her professional journey has been rooted in graphic design, encompassing pivotal roles within diverse corporate settings, advertising agencies, and non-profit organizations. Each role has given her a unique vantage point within the industry, culminating in the multifaceted designer she is today.

In the wake of the 2019 pandemic, Haley broke into the realm of illustration, an artistic passion she has ardently nurtured ever since. Her creative pursuits center on the study of the human form, pushing the boundaries to forge artistic interpretations. Beyond human subjects, Haley's illustrative talents extend to architectural marvels, environmental landscapes, as well as intricate studies of flora and fauna.

Outside the studio, Haley is a nature enthusiast. Whether shredding the slopes on her snowboard during winter or trekking through scenic trails in the summer, she revels in the great outdoors. She shares her life with a lively 15-year-old chihuahua mix named Hardy, who wholeheartedly commands her attention.

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