Hello there, my name is Haley and welcome to my portfolio. 
Graduating with honors from SUNY Oneonta in 2012, I set out in my career with a B.S. in Computer Art. I have since obtained various jobs in the role of Graphic Designer for marketing agencies, in house e-commerce shops, to freelance jobs, and also to my current role at the amazing non-profit, The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine.
When COVID first hit in early 2020, I began my journey of illustration. I started with the Apple Ipad and Procreate, but have since grown into using Photoshop and the Wacom Cintiq16. I am finding myself in the self exploratory phase of illustration and I am gearing my portfolio in that direction. I truly enjoy exploring anatomy and lighting within my pieces and I aim for a traditional painterly look with the digital medium. 
If you have any inquires, please reach out via the contact form.
Thank you again for taking the time to stop by! 
Thank you!
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